Q and A With Our Director of Sales & Marketing Tyler Abbott

We are happy to announce another addition to our True North Sports Camp team this year, Tyler Abbott our Director of Sales & Marketing.

As the Director of Sales & Marketing, Tyler will be in charge of scheduling events to help promote True North, run our social media platforms, make edits to the website, build relationships with sponsors and partners, and perform all other duties to help True North expand its awesome programs to as many families as possible!

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Is Flag Football Safe for Kids?

Is flag football safe for kids?

Football is a fan favourite sport. All you have to do is look at social media to see the excitement about the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl. Many parents bond with their children over their love for this sport. Most parents are less thrilled if their kids express interest in playing football. Isn’t it too rough for growing bodies? New research suggests playing contact football could harm some children. This news may make you think twice about enrolling your child in a football camp or allowing them to play on the school team. But what about flag football?

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