Q and A with our Director of Operations: Blake Koester

Continuing with our “Director Q and A” series, today we introduce our Director of Operations, Blake Koester!

Blake completed the Sport Management program at Humber College, which led to him working at the Ontario Cycling Association. For the past three years, Blake has been the Assistant Manager of Mooredale Sports Club, where he was responsible for organizing and coordinating a wide range of sports leagues and competitive teams.

Blake spoke as an alumni at Humber College’s first ever Sport Management Leadership Summit; he plans to remain involved with the Summit going forward so that he can continue to share his experiences about working in the sports industry with the students. Blake loves to share his passion for sports!

As Director of Operations, Blake will be seen running year-round programs and ensuring that each and every camper has a fantastic experience.

1. What is your favourite sport?

All of them! My top 4 in no particular order are: hockey, basketball, baseball and football.

2. If you could meet any athlete, dead or alive, who would you meet?

Vince Carter (aka Vinsanity) – he was my childhood idol.

3. M&Ms or Smarties?

Smarties, it’s the SMART choice LOL.

4. Favourite Ninja Turtle?


5. If True North had a mascot, what would it be?

Frosty the Stroman.

6. Favourite movie?

There are so many, but I’d have to say Bad Boys 2. Can’t wait for Bad Boys 3!

7. Next place on your travel list?

I really want to go to a bunch of different ballparks in the U.S. – Yankee Stadium, Fenway park, Wrigley Field, PNC Park, AT&T Park, etc.

8. Favourite N64 video game?

Mario Tennis.

9. Earliest childhood memory playing a sport?

Soccer. I remember kicking a ball around that was almost the same size as me.

10. What makes True North special?

The environment! The camaraderie we are able to create between our staff and the kids at each and every program is truly amazing!

Courtney Berger
Courtney has been involved in True North Sports Camps for several years behind the scenes. She is responsible for overseeing the operations of the business, including hiring and training our staff, marketing, communications, finance and strategy. After having worked at a number of summer camps in the past and dedicated her free time to volunteering with children, Courtney knows what it takes to create a memorable experience for each and every camper.