Does Your Child Want to Quit Hockey? Consider Other Winter Sports to Keep Your Kids Busy

Hockey is among the essential winter sports here in Canada. It is, after all, one of Canada’s two national sports! Many Canadians have played a game of hockey at one point or another.

However, you might be surprised to learn that participation in hockey has been declining over the past few years. There are a few reasons, notably the cost of equipment and the dangers of the sport. As a result, parents have been looking for alternatives to hockey.

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6 Basketball Skills Your Child Will Develop at a Sports Clinic

Keeping your child busy during the winter months doesn’t need to be challenging. In fact, there are a number of sports clinics you can choose from. One popular option for boys and girls aged 6 to 13 is a sports clinic focused on basketball. Whether your child has already discovered their love for shooting hoops, wants to emulate their favourite NBA stars, or is just starting out with the very fundamentals, a clinic is a great idea.

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Want to Get Your Child Interested in Sports? Consider a Sports Camp!

It’s a fact: Canadian kids are not getting enough exercise. While many organizations are trying to spread the word, and government policies at every level from your local school board to Health Canada are focusing on trying to get kids involved in more active play, recent surveys still give Canadian children a relatively low grade when it comes to living active lifestyles. Some children are highly motivated when it comes to being active, but for others, the lure of television and video games is much more appealing.

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